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ArecanutIn order to extend marketing support to the Arecanut growers of Kasaragod district which produces the best quality of Arecanut in the country we started an exclusive branch for Arecanut procurement in Kasaragod during the year 1992-93. Within a small span of time the branch has achieved remarkable progress in Arecanut business. We are selling Arecanut to buyers of Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi etc. and thus were able to give support to the Arecanut growers of the state in general and of Kasaragod district in particular.

We sold 375 tones valuing Rs. 122 lakhs during 1994-95 and 456 tons valuing Rs. 288 lakhs during 1995-96. During 1996-97 the Federation procured 437 tons Arecanut for Rs. 317 lakhs and sold 478 tons worth Rs. 346 lakhs. The corresponding figures for 1997-98 are 527 tons for Rs. 404 lakhs and 557 tons for Rs. 440 lakhs.

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