Black Pepper


Black Pepper


The annual production of Black Pepper in India comes about 65,000 Mts of which Kerala accounted for 90%. Marketfed entered the field of pepper marketing in the year 1963-64 and achieved a major market share of pepper by 1979. Breaking boundaries of market, Marketfed leaped into export market during 1976, and maintained its market share sowing steady progress. Government of India selected Marketfed as the top most exporter of Black P Pepper for the year 1979-80 and was an award winner. During the year 1985-86, we have purchased 5300 Ts of Pepper for Rs.2240 lakhs and sold 4639 Ts for Rs.2178 lakhs of which export accounts for about 2000 Ts valued at Rs.1050 lakhs.

During 1992-93 we sold 257 Mts valuing Rs.70 lakhs, 1993-94 1324 Mts valuing Rs. 594 lakhs, 1994-95 - 582 Mts valuing Rs.337 lakhs and 1995-96 - 337 Mts valuing Rs.282 lakhs.

When the market price of Pepper approached to X-axis say about Rs.24 kg, the growers could not meet even their production cost. Government of India had fixed the minimum price as Rs.32 per kg and entrusted Marketfed to procure maximum quantity of Pepper from the growers through the Marketing Co-operatives. Marketfed when procured about 300 Mts from the farmers and the price of pepper went upto Rs.99perkg.

Again, following a steep fall in price of pepper in the year 2005 as the price came down to the level of Rs. 55 per kg. And the pepper growers were facing a serious crisis; the Market fed procured 4755 MT of pepper @ Rs. 75/- per kg. Under Market Intervention Scheme at the instance of the State Government.  In fact it was a great relief to the growers and as a result of the MIS procurement the price shot up gradually and it reached 350/- kg at the end of the year 2011.

Marketfed has already opened a pepper procurement depot at Nedumkandam in Idukki District to buy pepper directly from the growers in an attempt to support them to find market for their produce. Similar procurement is also proposed in Sultan Battery in Wayanad District shortly.

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