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The Kerala State marketing Federation Ltd known as market fed was originated in 1942 as wholesale district co-operative store and converted into an apex body in 1960 with the entire state as an area of operation. As in the case of whole democratic set up the general body is the ultimate authority of market fed. The general administration is vested with the board of directors consisting of 22 members including elected members from delegated of member societies of 14 districts and the managing director. There is a total membership of 123 member societies which includes the state Government.

The executive powers of MARKETFED are vested with the Managing Director. He is assisted by Finance Manager, Manager (Administration), Marketing Manager (Fertilizer), Marketing Manager (Spices), and Marketing Manager (Oilseeds). Market fed is at present having a Marketing Advisor to promote the day to day marketing activities. The entire procurement and distribution works are managed by these personnel. There are 14 district offices, one Mixing unit at Taliparambu and a Cardamom grading centre at Nedumkandam. These branches are under the control of the Marketing Manager. Market fed has also branches at Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi.

Since its inception as an Apex body for primary Marketing Co-operative Societies in Kerala, it has been striving to provide better marketing facilities to the Kerala agriculturists, fair prices for their produces, even direct purchase of the commodities whenever required for stabilizing the commodity market, elimination of intermediaries and middlemen, uninterrupted supply of agricultural inputs at fair prices and on easy terms of payment and finally exploring and establishing export markets for our traditional agricultural commodities like Pepper, Cardamom, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Cocoa, Tapioca etc.
With the paramount motive of welfare to the farmers, MARKETFED is now successfully handling a variety of agricultural commodities like Spices, Copra, Areca nut, Rubber, Cashew etc. and inputs like fertilizers (both organic and bio), pesticides etc.



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